Top 10 Movies Featuring Fords

April 2020 | Blog

When it comes to a go to vehicle in the movies ford has been king for some time now. Now matter the genre if it needs a good reliable vehicle Ford’s classic models can be found on the screen with some of your favourite heroes and villains behind the wheel burning rubber. Join us as we take a look at 10 of our favourite movies featuring a Ford.

Men in Black 1997: 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria


They work for a highly funded yet unofficial government agency, their mission, to monitor extra-terrestrial activity on earth. They do it from behind of a custom 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria a car that screams class, and the custom part? This car is fitted out with rocket boosters (we’re look at you Roswell) that would make the commute much easier, and a trunk loaded with everything to beat the baddies, and yes it comes in black. In our opinion they would have had an easier time in the sequels had they kept this classic.

Hobbs & Shaw 2019: Ford RatRods, Bronco, and much, much more.


If it is raw Ford muscle it is in this movie, Fast & Furious Present: Hobbs and Shaw features everything the Bronco to the custom RatRods. This high octane actionfest featuring Jason Statham and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a fun ride from start to finish with some buddy comedy aspects sprinkled through out. Both action movie buffs and car fanatics will find something to love in this film. Fun side game see what Ford’s you can spot through out the movie.

Gone in 60 Seconds 2000 and 1974: 1971 Ford Mustang | Shelby Mustang GT 500


When it comes to famous mustangs there is probably no one more recognizable than Eleanor (and one we mention later on this list…). Gone in 60 Seconds is just a plain fun film for any car junky bringing the classic heist film and giving it that oily car twist. This may not be the best film on the list, and if you’re not a Nic Cage fan the original might be more up your alley, but can you think of a better way to spend an evening than watching a group of misfits try to steal 50 cars in 72 hours?

Grease: 1948 Ford De Luxe


Now scream it with me! “GREASED LIGHTNING!” It’s a fun and campy romp featuring hot rods, greasers, John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, and some memorable music numbers. Follow Danny Zuko and the T-Birds through this classic love story featuring a boy, a girl, and classic American muscle. The summer of 1958 has never looked so good as in this movie perfect for a family watch or a fun car themed date night.

Ford vs. Ferrari: Ford GT40

“You’re going to beat Ferrari with a Ford?” This epic Oscar-winning biopic looks at the story of Ford’s journey to try and win the 24-Hours of Les Mans in 1996, and the team of Carol Shelby and Ken Miles who would fight the odds and try to bring down one of the greatest racing teams of all time If you are looking for a film that perfectly captures the sites and sounds of racing at it’s finest this is the film for you. Ford vs. Ferrari is one of the newest films on this list but it will go down as an instant classic.

Mad Max Series: 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe


When fighting in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future where gas is king where do you turn? Why ford of course! Through out the Mad Max Series our title hero can be seen ripping up road, and desert behind the wheel of the classic 1972 Ford Falcon V8 interceptor. While this vehicle may play varying roles of importance throughout these tales from a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a good afternoon can be had binging Mel Gibson and Tom Hardy ride through this world of rage and revenge.

American Graffiti: 32 Deuce Coupé


A long time ago in a gala…. Wait wrong movie, wrong Ford, though I guess he was in this one so that gives American Graffiti double Ford credit in our books. George Lucas’ breakout movie that arguably started his career is the story of a group of friends spending one last night cruising before college. This was the proverbial end of summer movie featuring some amazing roadsters, and a great story as well.

Gran Torino: 1972 Ford Gran Torino

Other than the title, the Gran Torino is what could be seen as a minor plot point in the movie, mainly featuring more a spark for events, and a bit of ethos to the past of the character, rather than a part of the story ark. Though I am a sucker for a good Clint Eastwood film, and while you aren’t going to be treated to any major car chases, this is a solid story of a man coming to grips with changing times in a world that he may not be ready for.

Bullitt: 1968 Mustang Fastback


This is a list of Ford movies, therefore I am legally obligated to put the movie Bullitt on it, or at least I think that’s how it works. This classic features Steve McQueen at is finest, a long car chase, and of course an icon of Ford history. This movie see Bullitt roaring through the streets of San Francisco after the gangster that killed a witness in his protection. It’s classic action cinema and worth a watch.

Jurassic Park: 1992 Ford Explorer


I know this is a stretch, but come on! You know I needed to feature a Jurassic Park movie on the list, plus bonus points to me for not making Ford Raptor references… But I digress 93’s Jurassic Park proves that if you are going up against an apex predator dinosaur, the Ford Explorer is your best bet at survival… I stand by that. This is a must watch movie and a classic dinosaur fill adventure that should be high on your watch or re-watch list.