Family Fun Hub!

April 2020 | Community

Looking for some fun activities to stave off boredom? We have assembled some fun things to do for children of all ages, and their parents.Have fun colouring, connecting the dots, or much, much more.

Colouring Sheets

We’ve created templates of some of our most loved vehicles that you can colour in however you like. A camouflaged Ranger, a Ford GT with lightning bolts, maybe even an Edge with stripes? We might not be able to get out and about now, but we can all let our imaginations run wild. Happy colouring! Click on the image to download.

Navigate the Maze

Navigate these fun mazes to get to your destination! Click on the image to enlarge it.

Spot the Difference

Can you spot the differences between the 2 images?. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Connect the Dots

Connect the dots to reveal these classic Ford images. Click on the image to download it.

Word Search

Find the word we use in our daily jobs and circle them to uncover the secret message.

Click on the image to download the sheet


Relax, and work on your dexterity with the kids through the ancient art of paper-folding.

Click on the image to download the sheet

Garage Search

Recycled materials keep waste out of landfill, reduce pressure on natural resources and can reduce both energy consumption and costs. Ford scientists have been trying to replace petroleum-based plastics with bio-based materials and agricultural by-products since the turn of the century. We were the first automaker to use soybean-based foam and, over the years, we have also developed foams, plastics and composites derived from wheat, rice, castor, hibiscus, tree cellulose, jute and coconut. Today, we can proudly claim to use around 300 parts made using bio-based materials, and we’re exploring applications for tomato skin, bamboo, agave fiber, dandelion roots and algae as well. Find the recycled and bio-materials used in Ford vehicles in Andrew’s Garage.

Click on the image to download the sheet

Thanks to Canada's Wonderland you can take a ride on some of their famous roller coasters from the comfort of your own home! Just click on the picture to see all the rides.

Click on the image to ride the coasters

For the Adults

Here is a bit of fun for the adults! Enjoy our selection of zoom backgrounds, and videos to keep you entertained during these unprecedented times that we find ourselves in.