Santa Trades in his Sleigh

December 2020 | Blog

While the jolly bearded man is known for his sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer (with optional red-nosed lighting), it turns out when times get tough Santa turns to the power of the Ford Bronco!

In photos recently found deep within the archives at Ford, Ol' Saint Nic can be seen helping the product development team with some product testing at the cold-room laboratory in Dearborn Michigan on November 4, 1968. "If we're testing winterability of the car, we stick it in there to get it to a negative 30 degrees. If we leave it there for two days, will it start?" said Ford Archivist Ted Ryan.

Santa Tests Bronco 1968

The images were taken for Ford World an internal company newspaper that had never been released until today. The reemergence of the images back in 2019 timed perfectly with the return of one of Ford's most beloved SUV's after over a 25-year absence from the market.

Santa Tests Bronco 2020

To honour the occasion Ford once again turned to the World's Best Cold Weather Tester to recreate the classic images with the new 2021 Bronco in the -34°C cold room, all be it with some 2020 COVID safety measures in place.  

There is no word yet on whether Santa will be permanently trading in his reindeer for Broncos, but what we do know is that no matter what Christmas 2020 throws at Kris Kringle, he will be prepared behind the wheel of his new sleigh.

Santa Tests Bronco 2020 with presents 1968